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About Us

Founded in 1945, in Weslaco, Texas, on the dedication to provide quality engineering, SWG Engineering, LLC has since been a full-service consulting, engineering, and surveying firm assisting the South Texas Region with extensive projects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. SWG has taken a leadership role in providing quality engineering answers in the Valley through our greatest resource – a dedicated and talented staff. Leadership begins with the principals, who are all Texas-registered professional engineers, registered land surveyors, design technicians, construction engineering inspectors, and our administrative support staff.

During the over 75 years in the field of practice, the employees of SWG have assisted municipalities, counties, political subdivisions, governmental agencies and private industries. Our commitment to our work and clients speaks for itself as 80 percent of our business is from repeat clients.

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SWG strives to be more than an engineer to our clients.

We strive to be trusted partners and consultants.


Our firm’s philosophy is simple, we always strive to provide our clients with unparalleled consulting services by putting our clients’ interest first. We work closely with our clients to identify the objectives of the project and assemble a team of highly qualified professionals to meet those needs. SWG strives to be more than an engineer to our client. We are trusted partners and consultants. Our firm’s principles are based on efficiency, quality and unmatched customer service. We envision cost-effective engineering design concepts without compromising on quality. SWG Engineering is committed to our clients’ success. Our experience, combined with our advanced technical support, provides us with the unique ability to expedite the planning and design phase before the actual construction.

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Our Approach

Through the years we have built a long history of developing innovative and sustainable projects that make our communities better. To ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, SWG has employed a systematic approach to executing projects. From engineering to project managers and construction quality control teams, we all adhere to the execution plan in order to deliver the assignment on-time and within budget.

SWG strives to be more than an Engineer to our clients. We strive to be trusted partners and consultants.